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The Benefits Of Organic Skin Care

The inside scoop on the benefits of all-natural, organic skin care products

We all want radiant, healthy skin and we want it now (well actually we wanted it yesterday, but now would also be acceptable), but then we go and sabotage our skin by putting toxic chemicals on it.  Oops.  What’s a girl to do?

When we go down the beauty aisle it can be confusing, there are more choices in skin care on the market than ever before.  Most of us have heard about organic skin care products, seen them on the shelves, and maybe thought about giving them a try some time, but we just don’t know where to start. Switching to all organic skin care is a big step, or if you like, a bunch of little steps, but either way it’s something you want to think about before doing it.

Organic vs natural

First of all, manufacturers play a lot on the confusion between organic and natural, but they aren’t the same thing. Natural just means the product was derived from natural sources without any synthetic ingredients added. Organic means it’s certified by the USDA as containing at least 95% organic ingredients, which are those grown without those pesky pesticides, bio-engineered ingredients, or petroleum-based fertilizers.  A product can be organic and natural, or just natural (or neither).

Your skin does what?!?

Did you know skin is the largest organ in the human body? Though it does not absorb materials as well as the digestive system, it can still absorb things both good and bad, some hormone replacement therapies are taken by applying directly to the skin.

Even in the area of less dangerous chemicals like those in leading brand cosmetics, you might still be absorbing chemicals that cause health problems.

Organic skin care products let you get all the benefits of nature through the plant ingredients – including radiant, glowing skin – while letting you avoid those petroleum and other chemical residues. Since the skin absorbs some of what is applied to it, you want to have healthy ingredients in your cosmetic products just like you want good, natural nutrients in your food.

In particular, many national brands contain parabens and phthalates, which in some quantities can act as endocrine disruptors, destabilizing your hormone balance, and potentially causing down-the-road problems like lower fertility and even higher risk of cancer.

Finally, some national brands add drying agents like alcohol to their products, so if your old one did, you might feel a big difference once you switch to organic.

The environment

Everything we use cycles back to the environment at some point, in some way, and that includes skin care products. So it makes a difference if the ingredients in your products break down harmlessly or not. One example is polyethylene, a plastic component in exfoliating body scrubs. It forms the tiny beads that make the product gritty, but when it is all washed down, those beads do not break down and can accumulate in plumbing or waterways.

Reducing plastic or petroleum-based ingredients can help to ensure you’re doing your part keeping local waterways clean and wildlife a little safer.

The smell

Organic products often smell better than synthetic ones made to trick the nose into thinking the host of chemicals and perfumes you are smelling is something naturally occurring.  In organic products scents like lavender are wait for it . . . from actual lavender. Its ground braking, I know.  Once you notice it, you will never want to use synthetic fragrances again.

The Lushy Galore difference

In the end, we all want skin care products that we can feel good about.  As someone with sensitive skin, I needed a product whose organic ingredients left my skin feeling healthy and soft, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the amazing spa like experience of beautiful smells and vibrantly colored water. After a bit of trial and error I hit upon the perfect formulation for bath bombs.  Give them a try.  Once you go Lushy, you’ll never go back. *Wink*


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