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Sincerely Lushy Vol. 1

Dear diary,

Lushy here. I thought it was it was time to finally tell you, the world, my story. Or at least the fun little tid-bits to keep you coming back for more.

I feel like this is a first date where I plan to leave a little mystery so you ask me out again. But more than likely I will order the lobster and you will judge me for not ordering a salad and it will turn into a whole thing. But I’m a growing girl. I’ve gotta eat!

Hmmm….. So what can I tell you about myself that will make you tell your friends to swipe right when they see me….. well I enjoy long romantic walks down the wine aisle. I am a girl boss building her empire by day and a homebody by night. I live a self-disciplined low carb lifestyle. That is until I have a cheat day and eat enough for half of Africa. I have an unhealthy amount of conversations with my pup dog Roger Sterling aka Sterling. And yes, I do talk back for him in a different voice. I mean it would be insane of me to think he would actually talk back to me. Although this would be a completely different blog if that actually does ever happen….. hmmm what else…. I can carry on a complete conversation solely in Seinfeld quotes. I am obsessed with anything on Bravo. In fact, I feel like I am best friends with all of the housewives and we are on a first name basis.

In my eyes Tom Hardy is the greatest, most handsome and incredible actor that has ever lived. When I’m feeling down I just remember that somehow I am able to be alive during the same time as THE Tom Hardy. I wish I could tell him how impressed I am with his range of emotions while acting and how I would make the perfect next wife for him. But sadly I have this deep feeling that this will continue to be a one sided relationship. *heavy sigh*

And then we come to my favorite part of the day.  Me time.

Bath BombWhat is my version of me time you ask? Coming home after a long, hard day to slide into a hot bath tub with a glass of wine, reading my trashy tabloids and listening to my Zen playlist. To me, when I am in this state of mind all of my troubles and fears dissolve around me. These are the moments I look forward to, where I hit the restart button and just take a break.  I know I appreciate enjoying those small moments and I want others out there to experience them as well. So I am on a mission.  A mission to preach the life changing power of me time and help the world relax a little, one bath at a time.

Well there you go. Those are the highlights right now of me and my life. I will go into detail as time goes on but for now that was a little sneak peek into Lushy’s world. I hope you felt a connection and I left a little intrigue to keep you coming back for more.  And now if you will excuse me, my bathtub is calling my name.



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