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Baby Shower Gifts . . .That Aren’t for the Baby!

Self-Care Gifts For Baby Showers

What would you normally bring to a baby shower? Well, that’s not hard: diapers, baby clothes (gahhhh why do those little clothes have to be so adorable?), baby toys, and perhaps a big-ticket item like a crib, car seat, or swing. And after all, those are important things for new moms to have.

But don’t forget the new mom herself! She is either currently going through huge physical and emotional stresses like sleep loss and postpartum depression or will be experiencing those challenges soon enough.  She deserves a little extra love while she goes through this. And yes, while presents for the baby are super cute, sometimes mom’s need a reminder that they deserve some love and care too.  Here are some ideas for self-care gifts for new mothers.

Something comfortable

Cozy socks She’s going to feel uncomfortable and worn out a lot, so get her something comfortable to wear. Exactly what depends on her tastes, but it could be plush slippers, a soft bathrobe, or anything else you know she would like. Something nice, and tough enough for her to get lots of use out of (bonus points if you find styles that will conceal baby spit up).  This option is good for those friends who you know so well they are like your sisters, you know exactly what they like.


Here again, it helps to know her tastes, but there are plenty of nice things you could get her to remind her that she matters too. Wine, for starters, if she drinks, since even if she is nursing she can drink again after a long pregnancy. If she doesn’t, maybe she likes tea, and there are so many wonderful specialty blends.

And don’t forget chocolate! Especially dark chocolate. Yes, it tastes good, but it’s more than that. Research has shown that cocoa contains serotonin, a natural antidepressant and mood booster, and increases the production of endorphins which relieve stress. So make sure she has a decent supply of dark chocolate. Doctor’s orders!

Convenient snacks

With a new baby to take care of, she will probably miss some meals, so it’s a good idea to supply some things she can have on the go, especially if she can eat them one-handed. It sounds weird, but when people are busy and stressed, they can literally forget to eat and not realize it until they’re famished. The new mother will probably forget to eat some days, so give her a quick and easy solution.

A premade mealBroccoli Casserole

Not exactly a bridal shower present, but just as important as everything else here. Knowing how to make food is easy, but doing it takes time out of the day and often adds stress. After the birth the new mother will be sleeping irregularly and tired most of the time, and any jobs that other people take off her plate are a big help. So make a fully-cooked meal that will refrigerate and keep well for a few days, and bring it over. Make sure you know beforehand about any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Some nice bath products

Every now and then somebody needs to look after the baby so mom can have a little time to herself to relax in peace.  As a new mom, it is too easy to let things like self-care to slide by the wayside.  Bath bombs can be a great gift to help mom relax in those moments after a long day taking care of the baby.  Our bath bombs are organic, and safe for sensitive skin and smell amazing.  Sometimes nothing can help a new mom feel more normal than a relaxing soak in the tub, washing the baby spit up out of her hair.  Lushy Galore offers a range of bath bombs including rose, orange, lavender, and more.  Our Now and Zen gift set has scents chosen specifically for stress relief and relaxation.   See our Etsy store for our great offers.


Baby Shower Gifts That Aren't for the Baby

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