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Me time.

Two small words that generate endless meanings to those who read them. Everyone deserves a little me time now and then. There is nothing wrong with wanting to escape your reality and create a new one for a moment. In fact, I applaud anyone who is capable of mapping out time to do just that for themselves. What is my version of me time you ask? Coming home after a long, hard day to slide into a hot bath tub with a glass of wine, reading my trashy tabloids and listening to my Zen playlist. To me, when I am in this state of mind all of my troubles and fears dissolve around me. This is the time when I press the restart button and reinvent myself. This is relaxing time. This is much needed time. This is Me Time.

The Journey to Me Time

Those two small words are what started me down the path of creating Lushy Galore. I knew I appreciated enjoying those small moments and I wanted others out there to experience them as well. I wanted to combine my love of taking baths and drinking wine and turn it into something creative and exciting for others to enjoy.

My goal was to create a product that was not only vegan and organic but safe for sensitive skin. Yes, I am painfully sensitive in nature, so please don’t write a bad review because I will literally start hysterically sobbing in the corner. But I have overly sensitive skin as well. It took me a long time to find just the right ingredients that would actually mirror well with my skin type. Not to mention, the essential oils leaves your skin feeling buttery smooth. But what I also wanted to do with our products is have the experience last for the entire bathing session.

You will find when you use our bath bombs that the color of the bath water will change into a vibrant shade and last the entire time you are enjoying your bath. Also, the enticing aroma will be noticeable throughout the entire spa-like experience. With our products I can guarantee you a premium bathing experience that will leave you feeling like you just left a spa.

The Lushy Experience

I envision the experience of Lushy Galore to be like being friends with me in real life.

Some may run away screaming in a panic but I think most would embrace it. Hence, why you will hear me refer to myself as “Lushy” because this image, this brand, this idea, this entire package is created based on my reality. You will see my snarky sarcastic personality in our scent names and descriptions, and when reading my blog about my everyday adventures. Believe you me, they are all true. I never lie. Although I might at times remember big I still tell my version of the truth. Which is the only version you need in your life. You will learn that I appreciate the important things in life, from a delicious glass of vino,  to eye guzzling a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo, to having conversations with my dog, Sterling. I am so excited to have you on this journey with me! I always tell people, you do you! And now, with starting Lushy Galore, I am happy to finally be able to say, I’m doing me.


We provide a premium bathing experience by offering organic vegan products to enhance your holistic Me Time.


What ingredients do you use to make your bath bombs?

We only use organic and vegan ingredients to make Lushy Galore bath bombs. The ingredients used in our bath bombs are citric acid, baking soda, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, sea salt, fragrance oil and colorant.

Do you test on animals or use any animal products?

No! We do not support animal testing and use no animal products in our products.

How big are your bath bombs?

Our bath bombs are 4.5 ounces in weight which is the size of a tennis ball.

Are your bath bombs safe for sensitive skin?

Although our bath bombs are safe for sensitive skin please do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

Are your bath bombs made in the United States?

Yes! Our bath bombs are proudly made fresh in the United States.

How do you package your bath bombs?

Each bath bomb comes individually wrapped as a gift of its own and arrives in pristine condition. Each bath bomb is also previously shrink wrapped to preserve freshness. Ribbon colors are chosen to match scent and ingredients. The packaging includes a label and a
scent description

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